Am I suitable to be a Trainer?
What is the Secret to Becoming A Powerful Trainer?
Is Training an Exciting Profession?

Once a year, I intend to groom 2-3 trainers. Are you one of them? I remembered when I first heard comment about ... “Bryan, you are not the same as other trainer. Others just come here to do a job, but you somehow are not the same”. I didn’t understand what it meant until many years later.

Yes, there is a difference in doing a job vs doing something you like. If you like what you do, it will help you to go through the tough time. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And if you enjoy it, the toughness will be the best environment to create breakthrough in you.

Breakthrough doesn’t happen in conducive and everything-ok environment.

Breakthrough happens when you are in challenging environment.

There are no doubts many challenges to become a great trainer! To be knowledgeable in a subject matter is just the start! Many times, the challenges are not from the technical knowledge but from within the trainer.

Nevertheless, becoming a trainer can be very rewarding. Receiving a standing ovation, having participants coming to you, looking into your eye, shake your hand firmly and sincerely said ‘thank you’ at the end of a training. To me, nothing is more meaningful knowing you have made a different in someone’s life.
Don’t go in for the monetary reward, go in because you sincerely wanted to make a different in others.

Because of the effort required to groom a trainer, I can only afford to focus on 2-3 potential trainers. Be prepared to work hard, be prepared to drop your ego to learn and work hard. If you are prepared….. 

If you are committed to learn,
I will share everything that I know!


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