B.E.S. Program
(Be Excellent & Smart)

I recall mentioning to some of you about the teenager program that I used to run for the past 15 years… Finally, it is back. One of my participants, John contacted me and asked me to run the training again. He is now a tuition teacher and has more than 200 students. Time flies and it is difficult not to admit age is catching up!

He told me he wanted to run this program for a long time as he saw his old self in many of his current students. John has come long way years ago. The day of the training finally has arrived. Initially I was quite concern whether I will still be able to create the same results as it has been many years and my team of helpers are also new. 
Nevertheless, I told myself, no expectation…. Just be!

The day went passed. John, the team and I worked very hard trying to open up participants one at the time. Showing our care, willingness to be their friends and respect them as an individual. … One by one, they opened up and share their stories…..Divorced parents, single parent, dating at young age, rebellious kids etc As they share and open up, I also share with them the challenges parents faced and how they can take pro-active actions to change such relationship. 

Frankly, teenager program is most difficult to conduct as I need to ensure the teenagers like it and eventually open up to share and at the same time needed to address parents’ concerns. Nevertheless, when the teenagers share how they have taken actions (they need to do ‘homework’ everyday when they go home’) and how the parents responded, that’s where I told myself, no matter how tiring and how difficult, it is all worth it! If you have kids or know of someone with kids in the age between 15 to 20 and wanted to build a stronger relationship with them, then do leverage on this opportunities. 

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