This question keeps appearing in my mind lately. A simple question but yet many of us may not realize we are not doing it. From one question, I started to ask …

1) How much do you love yourself?
2) How do you know whether you love yourself?
3) What do you do to love myself?

Own big house, car and married is consider loving oneself? Then many people have them but do they love themselves? What about love? Loving others by sacrificing oneself, is that love yourself? Parents sacrifice themselves for the family, is that consider loving oneself? Going holiday every year is that consider love oneself? So what is loves myself? I don’t have answers….

Without loving ourselves, can we love others? If we feel we are lack of love inside, will we end up keep searching for love outside? And as a result, become too attached emotionally with the boy friend or girl friend or spouse as we feel that we need the external love to fill in our lack of love.

That’s why I decided to use this newsletter to gather more information about this and maybe can compile and publish the various feedback that I gather from all of you eventually….

Do take it as a test and see how many ways that you know in loving yourself and if you are interested to receive the compiled results, do drop me a line too… 

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