What is real? When is real?

I have been reading a book lately and was provoked with the thoughts about when is real? The Past, Current or the Future?

Try to be in Now for 1 minute. Possible? I tried! And I realize many times my mind will wonder away… thinking of the future and remembering of the past…. But not ‘seeing’ what is happening now. Everyday we are living in the now, and everyday we are missing it by not enjoying in the now. Our mind tends to be…

…pulled by the past, regretting and resenting what has gone wrong or what has not happened
…pushed to the future fearing of what might happen or what might not happen

Fear and regret sucked all our energy away and as a result not able to enjoy the moment of now.

Sometimes we are very well disciplined that we set goals in our life and strive very hard to pursue it. Nothing is wrong with having clear goals in our life as it will help us to move effectively towards our destiny. A gentle reminder to you who set goals is not to forget to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the scenery and give yourself a pat on the shoulder on the achievement you have so far.

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