It is 11:23am and I am sitting in the waiting room in KLIA waiting for my flight to Beijing. Tomorrow I will be in Qingdao, China preparing for my next training. With the frequent traveling recently, I learnt to appreciate technology even more.

Imagine the whole waiting and flying time is approximately 12 hours (one way). Yes, it is tiring and boring! What makes it worse is not all the time I am able to sleep (that’s the fastest way to pass time. However, with technology, I am able to do my work while on the move. I am able to read, reply e mails and prepare my training while waiting in the airport as well as in the plane. Sometimes, I find that I am even more productive while I am on the move since there are no other things to do while traveling.

While I am in Qingdao, I am able to call my Personal Assistant and friends in Malaysia using Skype or MSN. The feeling is I am not far from home.

One of my strong believes is that a new edge manager should always earn to leverage on technology. Whether you are on the move or not, technology will save you time.

I found that technology can easily increase my efficiency at work. It reduces the number of manual mistakes, speed up the calculations, allow what if analysis to be done quickly and even allow me to delegate and manage people more effectively.

Here are some useful ways I have learnt in leveraging on Technology to help me at my work…
1) MS Excel
- Massaging huge amount of data quickly to allow you to extract information to ease quick business decision making
- Build business model to allow what if analysis and to allow you to delegate the tasks to your staff without losing controls

2) MS Powerpoint
- Write for the Ears when preparing for your Business Presentation.
- Plant in triggers words so that you do not need to spend too much time preparing and rehearsing and yet it is still very presentable.

3) MS Outlook:
- Use it as your personal secretary to remind you of the tasks or routine tasks to be completed
- Use it to help building a new behaviour in your staff

We only have 2 hands with one brain and 24 hours a day. If you want to leave a balance life, it is important you must learn to leverage on Technology. It will free us up from the ‘doing’ and allow us to spend more time on ‘analysing’.

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