I have been a workaholic for many past years (well at least that's what most of my friends said). The price that I have paid….. my health, my family, my friends and my own learning. This year is a special year for me.

In terms of work, there seems to be an inner desire for me to move into 'winning together a team'. Many friends, participants, contact, friend's friend have contacted me to seek advice and explore possibilities. I saw myself in many of them. I saw “the me” when I first started to explore on my own, in them.

If you have read my earlier newsletter, I mentioned I am starting a Train the Trainer (TTT) Group. Indeed, I have. In fact, I am starting a second group now. The 2 groups are different as they will focus in different core areas. I am keeping the group very small with the intent to ensure the right energy, attitude and focus on these people.

In terms of health, I started to practice yoga. It is an interesting 1½ hrs hot yoga that involves physical exercise, meditation and a lot of sweating. Some of you may know that I have skin allergy issue. Doctor used to advise me not to sweat so that I don't feel itchy. Well, after not sweating for so many years, I realize I don't sweat anymore. In my first class, there was only some sweat from my head by the end of the class. Now, my sweat drips down even after the very first posture. Sweating it out allow my skin to detox and allow my old skin to be removed. It feels great!

In terms of friends, I noticed I started to take initiative to organize gathering. Sometimes chatting with friends till late night, supporting each others and encouraging each other to progress in life. I must say I have a group of very good friends who has been around to support me. In fact, they have not only accepted me but also my family to be part of their friends.

In terms of learning, I decided to further pursue my interest in psychology. I have signed up for a 1 year course on Satir. A family therapy course about how a person's character is very much affected by the earlier childhood year and how all these needed to be addressed to allow a person to breakthrough and move on with life. I am also working closely with one of my IT friend to further explore and research on how to leverage on technology to be more effective and efficient at work. It is amazing to uncover new knowledge and learning.

This is a very year where many of the things that I neglected now started to happen and progress AGAIN.

The reason why I share this is to let you know many things are possible. What we need are good friends, good people and right opportunities around us to let it happened.

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