Retrenchment! Losing Jobs!

Looking into 2014 more bad news is on its way….

How are you coping?

Many people have been talking to me. Hearing what they said and their concerns, I have been wanting to write about this….

Yes, it will be a tough year ahead. Yes, people are losing jobs. The question is: Can you change this economic situation? I guess we all know the answer, it cannot be changed!

Instead of hoping that it will not happen, I said, do what you can. The cyclical change in economy is inevitable. However, it is also at this time that one will be tested in terms of how well they have prepared themselves during the good time.

If you find yourself….
1) Working about the same as you used to: You are the lucky one
2) Working harder than you used to: Congratulations! You are an asset to the company
3) Losing the job: It is not good but it can also be a blessing in disguise
Whichever categories you belong, there are learning for you….

The Luck One:
Luck will not be on your side all the time. Start to look at your work, take pro-active actions, attend training, improve your technology and interpersonal skills and ask yourself how else you can value add to the business.

Back to basic, understand facts & figures, tighten the financial control, raise more financial awareness among the non finance leaders etc. Play your role more effectively by focusing on how else you can become an effective business leader!

The Asset to Company:
Be patient. The sudden change and additional workload is definitely something not easy to cope. In fact, the older you are, the tougher you will find in coping with change. This is the time where you may need to invest more time at work and support from your family become important. While fire fighting, my challenge to you is find time to attend training.

Company recognized the additional workload that you are putting on. This may be the best time to request the company to equip you with more skills by sending you for training. Equip yourself with the right skills. Even if the company doesn’t pay, pay for it yourself! It is worth it! There are good quality training courses that doesn’t cost you too much money or time. If you have limited amount of time and money, then focus to improve your skills especially technology skills as it will immediately increase your productivity and help you to cope with the additional workload. Find the right courses that will meet your need. Ask me if you don’t know how to find them.

The Blessing in Disguise One:
Well, it has happened. This is the most drastic change and many may find it hard to cope. But allow me to congratulate you! Now, once again you can make a choice in your life.

Life is not just work. There are also your parents, spouse, children, health, love ones, dreams, friends etc that we might have neglected so far. The sudden change in life now is an opportunities for you to start again. Do some serious soul searching….

Ask yourself…
1) What are the things that you have wanted to do last time but because there is no time that 
you have not been doing?
2) Imagine you are on your dead bed and is on your last few breaths, what will be the thing that you feel you have not done enough or regret not doing enough?

In the book 8th Habits by Steven Covey, he said we all have an innate need to leave a legacy behind. We all have the innate need to contribute, to help others to grow. Consider doing charity work. Consider making a difference in other’s life…and in returns you will find your live to be fulfilled.

Life is short. Instead of worrying about what will happen, why not focus on accepting, embracing what is happening now. Making the best out of all circumstances and THAT is…..

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