Talking about BES PROGRAM, it used to be a scary program and distanced by many. During school time, it has also be granted with a nick name as the ‘cult’. Initially, I thought it was the way I approached my friends that has created such wrong impression in others. A few years later, while having holiday in Pulau Redang, lying on the beach recalling past memories, I decided to ask some of my friends, who have not attended this program, why they call BES program a "cult"? They said, "You have changed so much after attending this program. You become a very good student. If this is not a ‘cult’ then what is this?"

Huge changes indeed! ….There was a rich girl, used to hang out with other unmotivated students and was courting a school drop out, decided not to study anymore after FORM 5. After attending BES program, she decided to leave the boy friend and further her studies overseas and left the group of unmotivated friends; There was another 2 brothers, who often argued with each others and treat each other like strangers, have hugged and become real sibling again after attending this program; There was another very introvert friend, have opened up and make many friends; Parents of another boy came to look for us and thank us for changing their son who used to only talk to them when he needs money.
BES PROGRAM is not a magical program. In fact, it is just another program that you can find in the market. You may ask what is so special about BES Programme? Does it provide a platform for students to grow? No! In fact it is a springboard for us to move forward avoiding many unnecessary road; saving us a lot of time and money; allowing us to be prepared for our future as early as possible;. So, what is it preparing us for? BES program is to prepare the one that is ready, ready for change, ready to breakthrough, ready to accept new knowledge and ready to learn. It does not require qualification, appearance, nor does it require any special qualifications. What it needs is one must enjoy and have fun. To enjoy learning and be 100% committed!

So, which of the above is John? 
“I am JOHN. Before I attended BES Programme, there are many sides of me whom others do not know. Many people thought I have always been motivated and active. The truth is….Rebellious – argumentative, go home late, stealing money and more.. Once I had an argument with my parents, To show my anger, I went to the corridor next to my house where my parents was operating a restaurant business and broke all the bottles. I sat right in the middle of all the shattered bottles. One of the aunty came over trying to talk to me. Instead, I took a bottle and threw at her…. She was so frightened, she ran off 

Bad Mouth & Talkative- many people said I will grow up becoming either a lawyer or speaker. Many times, I just say what I want to say and could not be bothered with other’s feeling. As a result, I was often asked to sit alone in the front row of the class. Something I dreaded most…

Bad temper & Sensitive- often I will fight with others over small matters. My brothers suffered the most as I tend to lock the bedroom and use the wardrobe and book shelf to block the door and no one is allowed to enter. Even if I feel hungry, I will not give in. Many times, my mom and brother will have to force open the door and beat me. Despite all these, I remained unchanged. Once I had a fight with a student, his mother came to my house demanding apologies. I rather be punished than to apologies.

Lazy-my teacher always complain to my parents that I am lazy. This is because I never complete my homework. Either I will copy or I will seek help from others. My acting is so good that it can win me the Best Oscar Actor award.

Righteous- I consider myself to be a little bit smart, always ended up in the first class and have never taken education seriously. I was indulging in computer game and even organising a group of students to play truant and rented the computer games centre for the whole day. As a result, I ended rank almost the last in the class.

Inferior, avoiding responsibilities- Once teacher asked the class has anyone participated in any speech contest? No one raise the hand, including me. (The fact is I have been participating in speech contest even since standard 1 to standard 6).

I thought that is how I will be spending the rest of my live, without any purpose and goals. Until I attended BES Programme
it changed my whole live. I learnt to respect others, being considerate. I remember one of my classmate wrote, “John, you have become a different person compared to 6 months agoOf course, I still like to play computer game. Nevertheless, I have learnt to be more self discipline and manage my time better. As a result, I ranked 7th in my class. I started to participate in proper school activities rather than organizing computer game.
With courage and confident, I decided to organize 3 man basketball contest in Selayang Baru and manage to gather 20 teams to participate. I volunteered to be the basketball coach for secondary and primary school kids till now. I have also participated in speech contest.

Due to BES program, I manage to meet a group of good friends and learnt to open my heart to meet new people.

More importantly, I realized how hard my parents have worked; my rebellious actions had made them suffered a lot. There was once I needed to register for BES Program 2 and asked my mom for money. As she turned around to get me the money, she coughed as she walked back into her room. It suddenly dawned onto me that she has aged so much. I suddenly realized I have not had a closer look at her for a long time! 

BES PROGRAM affects my life
I hope this program and the spirit of this program will continue helping more teenagers. Lastly, allow me to share this quote…. “No one should give up and neither should you! We are there to support!”

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