I have just finished a great Smart Excel session lately with a group of Accountants and Finance Managers in Malaysia. I must admit it is one of the best sessions I have for many years. Frankly, this group of participants is not easy to handle. They know what they want and are very good in their Excel skills. Despite all these, the participants are not only keen to learn but also actively participating in the learning.

During these 2 days of learning, I have not only covered the syllabus but also have shared so much as the participants never ‘let go’ of every opportunities. Nevertheless, to a committed trainer, nothing is more satisfying knowing the participants are learning and wanted to learn more. In fact, the learning has gone beyond what I can offer and participants have contributed by sharing on what they know and helped everyone, including me to learn. I must say, this is the type of training I am looking forward to, where we all…

This is in line with what I have been advocating… WINNING TOGETHER. As a manager in an organization, we need to value add in the business. Much expectation is on us to contribute, perform and help the company in one way or another. Sometimes, we are so engrossed in pursuing these that we have forgotten to help others to WIN TOGETHER!

Nevertheless, before you get too excited and wanted to share as well as help your organization to win together, you must also understand sometimes people are not aware of what they don’t know (Unconscious Incompetence). It is only when they realize what they don’t know that they will be willing to learn and thus improving themselves. Many have asked me how to do this.…

I felt reluctant initially as I feel that if they want it, they will come to me. However, I have spoken to a well known American Speaker about this recently and he told if you are serious about helping others, then don’t wait… take action! Thinking hard enough about this, I decided to take actions….

I am doing a...

Road Show
Maximising Performance through Technology
It is a 2 hours session where my team will visit a client that is serious about increasing its company performance by leveraging on its existing resources.

- If you feel you have benefited from my class,
- if you are genuine of helping your organization to progress,
- if you care about your colleagues and wanted them to do well, then help me to help you.

Drop me a mail now!

Help me to Help your Company!

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